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Ageless Investing is for those who want to learn about new and old ideas on how to be healthier, have more energy, and maximize longevity. Learn how to invest in yourself and add more quality years to live out your dreams.

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A wise person, when presented with a new idea, will decide whether or not that idea can improve their life. They won’t reject an idea just because it is different. But neither will they follow it blindly.

I personally try every idea and product that I recommend. But decide for yourself if any idea is right for you.

I post about once a week on simple health tips and inspirational quotes.

Where to start? Check out my latest blog posts below or search for a topic, or ask to see a related topic that interests you.


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What Is Longevity?

Longevity means to live or last a long time. For life, it means a long life expectancy. For a career, it means remaining useful and valuable in your area of expertise. Health and longevity give you more time and energy to do all the things you want in life.


How Can I Have Longevity?

The best way to have longevity is to eat mostly a whole-food, plant-based diet, exercise regularly, get quality sleep every night, practice meditation and mindfulness, have a “why” or purpose, and be social.


How is My Health and Longevity Blog Different?

I share the best ideas not necessarily the most popular or profitable. Most blogs or information on the internet is profit based. I share only what works and most of the time it’s free!

The purpose of this blog is to share the best ideas to help you improve your health and live longer. Therefore it is necessary to share the products that have helped me. If I didn’t share what I use you wouldn’t have the full story. I don’t seek out products with high commissions to promote.

I only share products that I personally use and that is far better than the alternative. Even if they offer no affiliate commission.

With some products, however, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you when you purchase through an affiliate link.

I cover every topic in detail to understand how it works and to separate fact from myth, scam, or outdated information.

The doctors and experts on TV have sponsors to think about, they are told what they can and can’t say on television. So I focus on the work of non-profit doctors, experts, researchers, and organizations without any ties to pharmaceutical companies or corporations. These are the ones that have your best interest in mind.

There is nothing for sale on this website. And the only thing I plan to sell is my books, as soon as I write one.


Where Do My Ideas Come From?

I spend countless hours researching, reading, and experimenting with new ideas. There is so much conflicting information out there and I want to learn and share what works and what doesn’t. When I hear a new idea I look for four things:

  1. Is it in harmony with nature?
  2. What does scientific evidence say?
  3. What are the financial incentives involved?
  4. Is it the best among similar options for reaching my goals?


About Jeremy

Jeremy Mortis | Ageless InvestingI’m Jeremy—-an entrepreneur, blogger, and nature lover—-who loves to read, learn, and write. Inspired by health problems, I set out to learn the best ways to master health and longevity. And by practicing what I’ve learned I am in the best health of my life and I feel younger every day. I continue to share and learn from others and through my research and writing.

I have a degree in political science but I’ve also studied biology, chemistry, psychology, and botany. These subjects have given me the tools to continue researching and learning. They have given me an understanding of how the body works and how the body can heal itself in the right environment.

I believe that health, character development, having a career you’re passionate about, generosity and financial freedom are all vital for living a long and fulfilling life. These are the ends and means of success.

Read more in my about page.

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My Favorite Products For Health and Longevity

Check out my resources page to learn about the natural and whole food supplements and products that I use to take my health to the next level. These products are little known, therefore I think of them my secret weapon.


Books I Am Writing

I am working on a few book ideas about what has helped me improve my health. But I am waiting to see which topics my readers want to learn more about.  The ideas I am thinking of include:

  • How to Fall Asleep Instantly
  • Longevity Secrets
  • 365 Daily Inspirational Quotes
  • What do you want to read about?


Topics I am Pondering


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