Who Dies In Frankenstein Book In Order and How

In Mary Shelley’s haunting masterpiece, “Frankenstein,” mortality is a theme that underscores each plot turn.

From the creation of life to the inevitability of death, Shelley’s narrative is fraught with characters experiencing the finality of existence.

So, who dies in Frankenstein, and does their passing serve a larger purpose in the macabre tale?

This blog post will delve into the numerous fatalities in “Frankenstein,” providing insights into their significance and the themes that their deaths illuminate. 

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Who Dies In Frankenstein In Order

  • William Frankenstein: Victor’s younger brother is the first character to die in the novel, killed by the creature for revenge.
  • Justine Moritz: Accused of William’s murder. She is forced to confess under pressure and is sentenced to death.
  • Henry Clerval: Victor’s best friend and schoolmate, murdered by the creature during Victor’s time in Scotland.
  • After learning of Elizabeth’s death, Alphonse Frankenstein, Victor’s father, dies of sorrow.
  • Elizabeth Lavenza: Victor’s wife, killed by the creature on their wedding night.
  • Victor Frankenstein, The creature’s creator, dies from pneumonia and exhaustion after pursuing the creature into the Arctic.
  • The Creature: Victor’s creation suggests that it will kill itself after Victor’s death, its loneliness and remorse driving it to self-destruction.


In What Chapter Does Elizabeth Die In Frankenstein?

Elizabeth Lavenza, Victor Frankenstein’s adopted sister and later wife, dies in Chapter 23 of Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein.” She is tragically murdered by the Frankenstein monster on her wedding night.


How Does Frankenstein Monster Die?

In Mary Shelley’s canonical novel “Frankenstein,” the Monster does not die within the book’s timeline. Towards the end, after Victor Frankenstein’s death, the Monster expresses regret for his actions and declares his intent to commit suicide.

He plans to journey to the northernmost ice and purposefully die there, left alone with the death of his creator, Frankenstein.

However, it’s important to note that the actual death of the Monster isn’t confirmed, as Walton doesn’t witness the act. Some readers interpret this as a possibility that the Monster, known for his cunning and persuasive manner, may have claimed this intent to ensure Walton does not pursue him.

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How Did Victor Frankenstein Die?

Victor Frankenstein, the protagonist of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” succumbs to death as a direct consequence of his actions.

His relentless pursuit of knowledge and scientific obsession not only deteriorates his physical health but also leads to the creation of a creature that becomes the root cause of the tragic events in his life, resulting in the deaths of those he held dear.

In the end, his weary acceptance of his fate is exhibited in his last words, “I shall ascend my funeral pile triumphantly and exult in the agony of the torturing flames.” Victor’s death is a symbolic culmination of his unchecked ambitions and heedless decisions.

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How Did William Frankenstein Die?

William Frankenstein, a minor character in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” meets a tragic end when encountering the Monster.

Initially, the Monster harbors no ill will towards the young boy and considers him a potential friend due to his innocence and beauty. However, upon seeing the Monster, William screams in horror, inadvertently revealing his identity as a member of the Frankenstein family.

In an uncontrollable rage triggered by this revelation, the Monster murders William by choking him to death. This marks a significant turning point in the novel, highlighting the Monster’s growing hatred towards mankind.


Who is blamed for William’s death in Frankenstein?

In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein is ultimately blamed for William’s death, even though his creation – the Creature – physically executed the act.

Victor’s choices to neglect to teach his creation the principles of right and wrong and then to abandon him entirely led to William’s innocence being sacrificed.


How Did Alphonse Die in Frankenstein?

In Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein,” Alphonse Frankenstein, the father of the protagonist Victor Frankenstein, did not die at the hands of the Creature like other characters.

Rather, Alphonse’s death was a result of overwhelming grief. After enduring the death of his children and the trauma brought upon his family by Victor’s creation, he succumbed to despair and sadness.

His intense grief was too much to bear, leading to his eventual passing. His death underlines the tragic repercussions of Victor’s pursuit of forbidden knowledge.


How Did Justine Moritz Die in Frankenstein?

Justine Moritz, a young girl adopted by the Frankenstein family, meets a tragic end in Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein.” She is wrongfully accused and convicted of the murder of William Frankenstein based solely on circumstantial evidence.

The true culprit of the crime is the monster created by Victor Frankenstein, a fact known only to Victor himself. Despite the family’s belief in her innocence, Justine is sentenced to death. Consequently, she is executed by hanging, making her one of the many victims of the monster’s wrath.


How Did Henry Die In Frankenstein?

In Mary Shelley’s novel, “Frankenstein,” Henry Clerval is mercilessly killed by Victor Frankenstein’s monstrous creation. Clerval’s lifeless body is discovered with dark marks on his neck, indicating that he was most likely strangled to death by the creature.


Who Did the Monster Kill In Frankenstein First?

The first victim of the Monster in Frankenstein was a young boy who happened to be Victor Frankenstein’s youngest brother. The Monster considered the child a potential companion due to his innocence.

Still, when it discovered that the boy was a member of the Frankenstein family, it killed him in an act of vengeance against its creator, Victor. Thus, the boy’s accidental confession resulted in his tragic, untimely demise.


Who was killed by the monster in Frankenstein?

  • Victor Frankenstein’s younger brother, William: The monster killed William to hurt his creator, Victor.
  • Justine Moritz: Although the monster did not directly kill Justine, she was accused and executed for William’s death, a crime that the monster committed.
  • Elizabeth, Victor’s wife: On their wedding night, the monster killed Elizabeth out of revenge for Victor not creating a female companion for him.
  • Victor Frankenstein himself: Although not directly killed by his creation, Victor devoted his life to the monster’s destruction, eventually leading to his demise due to exhaustion and illness.
  • The creature itself: Overwhelmed by loneliness and sorrow, the monster commits suicide at the novel’s end.


Who dies at the end of the novel Frankenstein?

In Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein,” Victor Frankenstein, the disturbed scientist, and his monstrous creation pass away in the end.

Victor succumbs to the severity of his illness, while the creature allegedly intends to end his own life at the North Pole following the death of his creator.


Which Frankenstein family members are left alive at the end of the story?

In Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” all members of the Frankenstein family meet their tragic ends within the course of the plot. By the novel’s conclusion, no Frankenstein family members are left alive.


Why Is William’s Death Important In Frankenstein?

William’s death in Frankenstein is pivotal as it signifies the creature’s transition from a peaceful and lonely existence to a path of violence, revenge, and hatred toward mankind.

The demise of William, who embodies beauty and innocence, also symbolizes the loss of these virtues within the creature, thereby underscoring a dramatic shift in his character.

Furthermore, William becomes the first victim of the creature’s vengeance against his creator, Victor Frankenstein, marking the beginning of a destructive spree.


Who dies of heartbreak in Frankenstein?

In Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein,” Alphonse Frankenstein, Victor’s father, dies of heartbreak. This happens after the tragic death of Elizabeth Lavenza-Frankenstein, Victor’s wife, which leaves Alphonse utterly grief-stricken.

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