The Giver Books in Order: Series And Sequels of Lois Lowry’s Book

Want to read The Giver books in order and understand them?

Lois Lowry’s The Giver quartet of novels is among the most influential works of dystopian fiction for young adults.

The books are often assigned in schools as part of curriculums focused on social issues and morality and have been translated into more than 40 languages.

If you’re new to The Giver series, here’s everything you need to know about the books in order.

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What is The Giver?

The Giver is a 1993 American children’s novel, generally for young adults or older, set in a society initially presented as utopian but gradually becoming more dystopian. The novel follows a boy, Jonas, in his twelfth and thirteenth years.

Society has eliminated pain and strife by converting itself to “Sameness,” a plan that has eradicated emotional depth from their lives.

Jonas is selected to inherit the position of Receiver of Memory, who stores all of the past memories of the time before Sameness in case the memories that the others lack are ever needed to aid decisions.

Jonas learns the truth about his Utopian society and struggles with its weight through this position. The Giver won the 1999 Newbery Medal and sold over 10 million copies.

It forms a loose quartet with three other books set in the same future era, including Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son. The Giver series is a dystopian science fiction series for young adults that explores themes of freedom, suffering, and order.

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The Giver Books In Order

  1. The Giver (1993)
  2. Gathering Blue (2000)
  3. Messenger (2004)
  4. Son (2012)


The Giver (1993)

The Giver is a 1993 American children’s novel, generally for young adults or older, set in a dystopian society presented as a utopian one.

The novel follows a boy, Jonas, in his twelfth and thirteenth years and explores his struggles with the truth about his society. It won the 1999 Newbery Medal and sold over 10 million copies.

The Giver forms a loose quartet with three other books set in the same future era: Gathering Blue (2001), Messenger (2004), and Son (2012). The novels in this series are, in order, The Giver (1993), Gathering Blue (2000), Messenger (2004), and Son (2012).


Gathering Blue (2000)

In Gathering Blue (2000), the characters face numerous obstacles in their quest for survival. They must contend with a harsh, dystopian world where prejudice and injustice are ever-present.

Objects and symbols throughout the novel illustrate the characters’ struggles, such as the embroidered robe of the Council of Edifice, the mysterious blue dye no one in the village can make, and the Beasts that threaten the village.

These motifs emphasize the importance of having the courage to make difficult choices and the power of self-discovery. The themes of survival, power, and feelings are all integral to the story, making Gathering Blue a unique and captivating read.

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Messenger (2004)

The Messenger is the third book in the Giver Quartet series by Lois Lowry. It follows The Giver and Gathering Blue and is set in an isolated community known as Village.

The story follows the protagonist, Matty, who serves as a message bearer through the ominous and lethal forest surrounding the community. The forest acts as a character, and tensions arise from the villagers who were once kind and generous but become hostile and want to close their borders.

The seer sends Matty to get Kira from another village, and on their way back, they are attacked by the forest. Jonas from The Giver senses that Kira and Matty are in trouble and go into the forest to save them. Matty discovers he has a gift to heal people and uses it to heal the forest.


Son (2012)

The Son is the fourth book in Lois Lowry’s The Giver Quartet and follows the story of Gabriel, Claire’s son.

The story is set in a future dystopian world and follows Claire’s journey to locate and reunite with her son. The Son is an engaging story with a mythic vibe, as Gabriel is revealed to have healing powers.

Gabriel’s journey reveals themes of sacrifice, courage, and love while exploring the bonds between family and the power of hope.

The Son fits in with the other books in The Giver’s Quartet as it explores the themes of freedom, responsibility, and the power of choice.


Who Is Lois Lowry?

Lois Lowry, an acclaimed literature writer for young readers, has won numerous awards for her work, including two Newbery Medals.

Born in Hawaii, Lowry spent her childhood living in different locations due to her father’s career in the U.S. Army. After acquiring a degree from Brown University, she started a family and devoted herself to writing.

Lowry has published over 40 books for young adults, such as the celebrated Anastasia Krupnik series. Besides writing, she has interests in photography, gardening, and knitting. She lives between Maine and Florida and is a mother and grandmother.


The Giver Book Series Summaries

Lois Lowry is an American writer credited with more than thirty children’s books. She has won two Newbery Medals, for Number the Stars in 1990 and The Giver in 1994. In 2006,

The Giver was ranked number 38 among all-time children’s novels in a survey published by School Library Journal – the second highest ranking for a living author.


The Giver 1: The Giver Summary

Lois Lowry’s The Giver is the first book in a quartet of novels that follow the life of Jonas, a boy living in a dystopian society. In this society, emotions and memories are suppressed to maintain peace. However, Jonas is chosen to be the Receiver of Memory, and he soon discovers the dark secrets of his society.


The Giver 2: Gathering Blue Summary

Lois Lowry’s The Giver Book 2: Gathering Blue continues the story of Jonas from The Giver. In this sequel, we are introduced to Kira, a girl with a deformity living in a dystopian society. She is taken to the Council of Elders, where it is decided that she will be the next Weaver – a person responsible for creating tapestries that tell the history of the community.

Kira is taken to live with the Weaver, who teaches her how to weave and reveals some of their society’s dark secrets. As Kira starts to piece together the truth, she realizes she must find a way to escape before it’s too late.


The Giver 3: Messenger Summary

The Messenger is the third book in the Giver Quartet series by Lois Lowry. It occurs about eight years after The Giver and six years after Gathering Blue. It focuses on Matty, a boy who serves as a message bearer through the forest surrounding his isolated community.

Matty’s journey reveals the fate of Jonas and baby Gabe. The book explores themes of freedom, suffering, and order as Matty learns to accept his feelings’ power and ultimately makes a difficult choice to save someone he loves.


The Giver 4: Son Summary

The Giver, Book 4 is titled The Son and follows the story of Claire, the mother of baby Gabriel and her search for her child. When Claire is told her son has gone ”elsewhere,” she takes a boat to find him, but the boat crashes and she becomes an old woman to find out where he is.

Eventually, she comes upon the village where Jonas and Gabe are, and Jonas finds out that Claire is Gabe’s mother and tells Gabe. The book also explores themes of freedom, suffering, and order.



What order should you read The Giver books?

The Giver (25th Anniversary Edition), Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son is the recommended order to read the Giver books. The series explores freedom, suffering, and order themes and offers a powerful and thought-provoking read.


Are all The Giver books connected?

Yes, all The Giver books are connected. They follow the story of Jonas and his community as they struggle to find a way to live in harmony with one another and with the natural world. Each book explores different themes and issues, but the characters and their journey connect all.


Is there a part 2 to The Giver?

No, there is no part 2 to Lois Lowry’s The Giver. However, the book has spawned sequels, including Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son. These books continue the original story, following different characters in a post-apocalyptic world.


Why is The Giver a controversial book?

The Giver is controversial because it deals with sensitive topics like euthanasia and suicide. Some people feel these topics are too heavy for young readers, while others believe they provide an important opportunity for discussion. The book is written in a way that is easy to understand and provides a discussion starter for parents.


Why is the relationship between Jonas and the giver dangerous, and what does this danger suggest about the nature of love?

The relationship between Jonas and the Giver is dangerous because it challenges the very foundation of their society. Their love threatens to upend their carefully controlled world and expose its flaws. This danger suggests that love is powerful enough to overcome any obstacle, even the most carefully constructed ones.


Why does Jonas take what he does on his journey?

Jonas is preparing for an important journey and has chosen to take a few essential items with him. These items will help him on his journey and are important for him to complete his task.

These items have particular meanings and purposes to help Jonas in his mission.

The first item Jonas takes with him is the apple, symbolizing the fruit of knowledge to signify his upcoming journey of self-discovery.

The second item is a knife, a sign of being able to defend himself against the potential dangers that may arise. Lastly, the third item is a blanket, a representation of comfort and security to give him a sense of ease during his travels.

Jonas takes a sled as his fourth and last item, symbolizing fast and secure transportation capability. This is significant, as he will require it to reach his goal quickly and safely.


What advantages might “sameness” yield for contemporary communities?

Sameness could yield several advantages for contemporary communities, including increased safety, decreased crime and violence, and greater economic and social stability.

Sameness could also promote shared values, greater understanding and empathy among citizens, and a sense of community and belonging.

On the other hand, some would argue that sameness stifles individuality and creativity and reduces cultural and intellectual diversity, which can be crucial for a vibrant and healthy society.


How many giver movies are there

Only one movie adaptation of The Giver was released in 2014 and starred Jeff Bridges, Brenton Thwaites, and Meryl Streep.


What books followed The Giver?

The Giver is part of a series set in the same world. The other books in the sequence are Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son. Each of these stories focuses on a different character in the same community, exploring different aspects of life in that world.

Kira, a young girl with a distinct physical deformity, is welcomed by the Council of Elders in Gathering Blue. They entrust her with the responsibility of repairing an old tapestry that chronicles the history of her people. She takes up the challenge, determined to make her mark.

Matty, a hearing-impaired youth, is accepted by the Council of Elders and entrusted with relaying messages between the various communities that form their society.

The last installment of the four-part series revolves around Claire, a young woman who can observe beyond the material realm. She is welcomed by the Council of Elders and is assigned to contribute to the commencement of a new period of concord and comprehension in her culture.


What happens at the end of the giver?

The ending of The Giver is ambiguous and open to interpretation. Some readers believe Jonas escapes to Elsewhere, while others believe he dies. Although I like to think he makes it, either way, he is free.


What Are Books like the giver?

More dystopian books like The Giver series include

  1. The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau
  2. Uglies by Scott Westerfeld
  3. Feed by M.T. Anderson
  4. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  5. The Maze Runner by James Dashner
  6. Divergent by Veronica Roth
  7. Matched by Ally Condie
  8. The Road by Cormac McCarthy



Do you want to read The Giver books but don’t know where to begin? This guide will assist you in selecting the proper book and arranging it in the order of the series or sequel. Additionally, it includes an assessment of the book and info concerning subsequent books and other works penned by the author.

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