7 Secret Weapon Resources For Health and Longevity

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These are my secret weapons, the only tools or products that I recommend. Not only have I used them all, but they are also the only ones I use daily.

These products give me natural all-day energy and have helped me train harder, heal faster, and feel younger, month after month.

Most of my recommended products come from healanything.com (or its sister site, Markusproducts.com). This is the only site I trust for everything they sell. I trust everything that Markus Rothkranz sells because his products are quality-based.

He researched and sought out the healthiest plants in the world to be super healthy and live a long life full of energy. Every supplement is whole food, vegan, organic, and plant-based, and without any fillers or preservatives.

Markus Rothkranz inspired me with his book Heal Your Self 101 and his Youtube channel to take my health seriously. He showed what is possible. Most importantly, your body is intelligent and can heal itself.

All you need is to give it what it needs. It is as simple as that. The purpose of my blog is to share how you can give your body and mind what it needs to thrive. And the first thing I recommend is reading Heal Yourself 101.

You can download the book for free at the link below.    James Bond opening scene, headline "7 Secret Weapon Health Products" agelessinvesting.com

Whole Food Supplements

There are only a few supplements that I recommend because most of them contain dozens of wild plants that you can’t find anywhere else. 


Vegan Plant Protein

Wild Force Plant Protein has the highest vegan protein sources in the world. This is the perfect protein source for both vegans and non-vegans. This product is for those who want to take their health to the next level or build serious lean muscle.

I started using this protein powder and Markus’s Green Formula, and Vitamin C last May, and I’ve never had more energy or power in my life. The effect does not fade over time, the longer you use it the better you feel. I can go to the gym, train harder, and lift more consistently.

This even tastes good, almost like vanilla, one of the ingredients.

“While other protein powders constipate, mine actually helps you go to the bathroom. This truly is the best protein powder ever made!” ∼ Markus Rothkranz 


Wildforce Green Formula

Wild Force Green Formula has dozens of organic and wild greens in one serving. Because they are dried and ground into a powder, you get more greens in one serving than you can eat in a meal.

This is the easiest way to eat the healthiest plants in the world grown in the wild. Wild plants grow in nutrient-rich soil and drought conditions. This means that their roots dig deeper into the soil.

The greens you find at the market are grown in nutrient-depleted soil, picked unripe, and lose most of their nutritional value before you even buy them.

Because Wildforce Greens are dried, their nutrients are preserved. Adding powdered plants to a meal or a smoothie is the easiest way to eat your greens.

Click here to check the current pricing on Amazon or learn more about this product and similar products. The Green Formula has a strong taste. That’s because it is good for you. You won’t notice the taste when combined with Wild Force Plant Protein and Vitamin C.


Wild Force Vitamin C

Wild Force Vitamin C contains the highest natural sources of vitamin C in the world, including binge (the highest source of vitamin C in the world), pine needle, acerola berry, amla berry, sea buckthorn, watercress, rosehip, guava, lemon, and orange peel pith).

This is better than any vitamin C supplement because it is whole food-based. Whole food means that all vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and hormones work in synergy and are easily absorbed and assimilated. Isolated nutrients found in most supplements are not useful to your body as you can not absorb them.

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3 in 1: Greens, Protein, and Vitamin C

3 in 1 Green Protein Vitamin C is the easiest way to get your daily protein, greens, and vitamin C. I use this daily, and I notice the difference when it runs low. It gives me all-day energy and helps me recover faster from tough workouts. Add it to whatever you are eating. I think it tastes good.


Vegan Omega-3 DHA and EPA

Fish are known for being rich in Omega-3 fats, but there are vegan alternatives. Ground flax seeds and chia seeds are excellent sources of short-chain (ALA) omega-3s.

And algae oil is the safest and most effective source of long-chain (DHA and EPA) omega-3s. Interestingly, fish get their omega-3s from algae.

But even wild fish have toxic heavy metals and fats that promote inflammation and shorten telomeres. I use Vegan Omega 3 Supplement – Marine Algal Source of EPA & DHA Fatty Acids from Zenwise. It is the best deal I’ve found for vegan DHA (affiliate link).  


One of the Best Sources of Antioxidants

Amla berries (gooseberries) have over 200 more antioxidants than blueberries! The easiest way to increase the antioxidant power of any meal is to add amla berry powder.

I add a little Amla berry powder to almost everything I eat, and it makes the best natural mouthwash. Check out the current pricing on Amazon.  


This Will Make Anything Taste Amazing

Trick your taste buds into making sour or tart foods taste sweet with the Ledidi berry. Chew the dried berry for 30 seconds near the tip of your tongue.

You will have about 20 minutes to make even the greenest smoothie taste amazing. Click here to check the current pricing on Amazon.

Night Rebuild Sleep and Hormone Formula The Night Rebuild Formula promotes quality sleep and supports your body’s natural hormone production.

Hormones are necessary for every important function and are released primarily at night. It also helps your body deal with stress, a common sleep disrupter and migraine trigger. 



1. A Review of How Not to Die, by Dr. Michael Gregor

How Not to Die, by Dr. Gregor, argues that a whole-food, plant-based diet is the best for humans. Dr. Gregor uses the example of the biggest preventable killers and cites hundreds of scientific studies to support his argument.

Dr. Michael Gregor,  inspired by his heart-diseased grandmother’s recovery on a plant-based diet, started NutritionFacts.org.

Nutritionfacts.org has thousands of articles and videos on over 2,000 health topics. Their mission is to make health information available and affordable for everyone.

Key Points:

A whole-food, plant-based diet can reduce your risk of the following:

  • Heart disease
  • Lung disease
  • Brain diseases
  • Digestive Cancers
  • Infections
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood pressure
  • Liver Diseases
  • Blood Cancers
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Breast Cancer
  • Depression
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Parkinson’s Disease

  Dr. Gregor’s Daily Dozen Dr. Daily dozen is the 12 things (foods and exercises) you should eat or do every day.


Pros: How Not to Die

  • It gives hope that you can reduce your risk of the biggest preventable causes of death with a simple diet change.
  • The book’s first half gives you the “why” for eating a whole-food, plant-based diet, and the second half gives you the how.
  • There are hundreds of simple and inexpensive health tips to take control of your health.
  • Every fact is backed by scientific evidence.
  • One problem with a plant-based diet is nutrient deficiencies. Dr. Gregor covers the foods and supplements you should take on a vegan or plant-based diet.
  • Nutritionfacts.org is a non-profit, and they don’t have sponsors or advertisements.


Cons: How Not to Die

  • This book is 562 pages long. If you want a quick read, watch one of the short videos on nutritionfacts.org.
  • One popular website criticized some of the scientific studies cited in this book and claimed they cherry-picked their references. Nevertheless, the proportion of weak studies is insignificant overall.
  • It is possible that Dr. Gregor is biased toward a whole-food plant-based diet, and it may affect his recommendations.
  • You will be disappointed if you like meat, dairy, or fish.


Conclusion: How Not to Die

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in improving their health. You will learn why you shouldn’t eat something to make your own decisions.

The meat and dairy industries have deep pockets and political power. Further, a growing vegan junk food industry sells a false sense of security. How Not to Die shows you how to navigate to avoid both and significantly reduce your risk of dying from the top preventable killers.


Where to Find How Not To Die

How Not to Die (Click here to check the current pricing on Amazon) Dr. Gregor’s other book, How Not to Die Cookbook: 100+ Recipies to Help Prevent and Reverse Disease (Click here to check the current pricing on Amazon)      


2. Heal Yourself 101, by Markus Rothkranz

Heal Yourself 101, by Markus Rothkranz, is a step-by-step guide to overcoming almost any health problem. You learn how simple it is to heal when you give your body and mind only what it needs to thrive. You don’t have to do everything in this book to get the benefits.

I started doing these steps one by one, and within a few months of using some of the ideas in this book, I had more energy, my mind was clear, and I was pain-free! Watch the preview for Heal Yourself 101 by Markus Rothkranz.  

Key Ideas

  • Raw Food and a vegan diet
  • Juicing
  • Fasting
  • Exercise
  • Sunlight
  • Cleansing
  • Energy
  • Spirituality and Peace


Pros:  Heal Yourself 101

  • Most of the ideas in this book are free or inexpensive.
  • These simple tips work, and I use them almost every day.
  • The ideas in this book involve being in harmony with nature while utilizing innovative technology.
  • Markus shares what works, not what’s necessarily popular.
  • Markus gives you hope to take your health into your own hands and not rely on expensive doctors or treatments to help you.


Cons: Heal Yourself 101

  • Many ideas are based on anecdotal evidence. I wish that this book included scientific data to back its claims.
  • Some of the ideas involve radical life changes that the average person may not be willing to try.
  • Markus is well-versed in natural remedies but is not a doctor.


Conclusion: Heal Yourself 101

I highly recommend reading Heal Yourself 101 and deciding if the ideas are right for you. Like Dr. Gregor, Markus warns you to avoid the processed “health food” industry altogether after transitioning to real food.

This book has helped me and I explore the science behind many of these ideas in my blog. Try one idea at a time and be patient. Good health takes time.

Do your own research and consult your healthcare provider before making any significant changes. The last time I checked, you can download his book for free! Follow the link below.    

Similar Books by Markus Rothkranz Heal Your Face (click here to check out current pricing on Amazon)

Instructions for a New Life (click here to check out current pricing on Amazon)


3. A Review of The China Study, T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D. and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD

The China Study represents the work of the largest comprehensive studies of nutrition ever conducted. The study was done by a partnership between Cornell University, Oxford University, and the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine over 20 years.

T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., and his son, Thomas M. Campbell II, MD, authors of The China Study, analyze and discuss the data and make recommendations based on their findings.

One of the most important insights from The China Study is that cancer growth can be turned on and off by raising and lowering doses of casein, the main protein in cow’s milk.  

Key Points

  • Health statistics of Americans compared to the rising cost of health care.
  • The results of a study of 367 variables, 65 counties in China, and 6,500 adults over 20 years.
  • Animal protein (meat and dairy) promotes cancer growth.
  • Proper nutrition helps prevent carcinogens, like pesticides, from causing damage.
  • Heart disease can be reversed on a plant-based diet.
  • Proper nutrition with a plant-based diet can help reverse and prevent diabetes, obesity, autoimmune diseases, bone, kidney, eye, and brain diseases.
  • Nutrition that is beneficial for one disease will support health in all areas.
  • Highly processed and refined carbohydrates are bad for you, but carbohydrates in unprocessed plants are healthy.
  • You don’t need to eat meat. All the nutrition found in meat can be replaced with plants.
  • In the study, those who ate the most animal-based foods had the most chronic disease. At the same time, those who ate the most plant-based foods were the healthiest.


  • This book is very detailed and backed by 20 years of scientific data.
  • It provides a simple solution to preventing and reversing chronic disease.


  • Some argue that the study is biased towards a plant-based diet.
  • This book has gained significant criticism from Paleo diet advocates, who question some of the study’s findings.
  • This book recommends a significant lifestyle change, switching to a plant-based diet or significantly reducing animal products.

Conclusion I highly recommend reading this book with an open mind and deciding what diet is best for you. No nutritionist will argue that eating more unprocessed plant foods is good for you.

This book also covers the nutrients most deficient in vegan and non-vegan diets. Whatever your diet, make sure you learn which nutrients you need to supplement.  


Interview with T. Colin Campbell on the China Study


Where to Find The China Study

The China Study (Click here to check the current pricing on Amazon) 


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