35 Nice Words That Start With A To Describe Someone

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Nice words that start with A to describe someone: Admirable, Attractive, Altruistic, Amiable, Affable, Authentic, Astute, Ambitious, Alluring, Admirable. These words are just a few that can be used to describe someone positively. Read on to learn more about how we can use these words to be kind and uplift those around us! ​

A background of 35 Nice Words That Start With A and Meaning

Nice Words That Start With A To Describe Someone

Usually, people use adjectives like smart, beautiful, or successful to describe someone. But be creative. Find words that are a perfect fit for something specific about someone. To make it more challenging, and expand your vocabulary, use positive words that start with “a.”


Nice Words That Start With A And Meaning



Apt being of striking appropriateness and pertinence
Absorbing capable of arousing and holding the attention
Accessible capable of being reached
Accommodating obliging; willing to do favors
Active characterized by energetic activity
Adaptable capable of adapting (of becoming or being made suitable) to a particular situation or use
Adept having or showing knowledge and skill, and aptitude
Adroit quick or skillful or adept in action or thought
Admirable inspiring admiration or approval
Adorable lovable, especially in a childlike or naive way
Advanced situated ahead or going before
Adventurous willing to undertake or seek out new and daring enterprises
Affable diffusing warmth and friendliness
Ageless continuing forever or indefinitely
Agile moving quickly and lightly
Aglow softly bright or radiant
Agreeable conforming to one’s own liking or feelings or nature
Alert mentally perceptive and responsive;
Alluring highly attractive and able to arouse hope or desire
Altruistic showing unselfish concern for the welfare of others
Amazing inspiring awe or admiration or wonder
Ambitious having a strong desire for success or achievement
Amiable diffusing warmth and friendliness
Amicable characterized by friendship and goodwill
Amusing providing enjoyment; pleasantly entertaining
Angelic of or relating to angels
Appealing able to attract interest or draw favorable attention
Ardent characterized by intense emotion
Artistic relating to or characteristic of art or artists
Assertive aggressively self-assured
Astute marked by practical hardheaded intelligence
Athletic relating to or befitting athletics or athletes
Attentive taking heed; giving close and thoughtful attention
Attractive pleasing to the eye or mind, especially through beauty or charm
Authentic not counterfeit or copied
Awesome inspiring awe or admiration or wonder
Source: Definitions from vocabulary.com


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